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Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations

Post  Spike The R8 on Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:59 pm

Here is where you will find our complete forum community rules. Please keep them in mind when you post, as violations of the rules can result in infractions or bans to your account.

Do NOT spam. Spamming is defined as any message that does not contribute to the discussions on the forum. This forum is NOT a chat room, quick chats should be done in the Xat Chat on the top of the forum.

-Spamming Defined:

* Posting a nonsense/garbled message anywhere.
* Posting threads/posts in the wrong forum.
* Posting off topic messages in any thread.
* Posting excessive amounts of emoticons/image macros in any thread.
* Posting anything that does not contribute to the discussion.

No flaming, no trolling. Flaming/trolling are any kinds of posts that are meant to be rude to another user or to Apocalyptic Storm Ravagers staff. We will not tolerate blatant rudeness and it will be met with corrective action. If you have a dispute with someone, settle it outside of these forums. We do not want to clean up after it.

Don't post porn or adult material. This includes not only pornography (obviously) but other things such as explicit descriptions/discussion on sex, drug use, and other unsuitable "adult" discussion topics.

One account per user. No exceptions. There is no reason as to why you should need to have more than one account. "It's my friend/brother/cousin" is not a valid excuse as the majority of the time it's a lie. If you are caught with multiple accounts we will ban either all but one or all of them depending on how many there are.

Also you must NOT be rascist. This includes calling other ASR members rascist names or other racist content. If you are rascist you will be banned for 2 weeks, we will then unban you but if you act in an irresponsible way again then your IP will be banned. However this anti-rascism protocol does not include jokes about terrorists or other figures in society. Just make sure you are not rascist to any of the ASR members and you will be fine.

Thank you,

~ Spike The R8 and the rest of the ASR team.

Thank you for Joining ASR.
Rules and Regulations Ion_ca10
Rules and Regulations Spikey

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Rules and Regulations AaylaSecuraR8
Rules and Regulations SpikeyR8
Rules and Regulations MovaloR8
Thanks to Gozi for giving me the link to make these.

~ Spike The R8.
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